Enhanced Acrylic joint sealant for aluminum doors & window

ACRYLICALU is an exceptional elastomeric acrylic sealant specially formulated for aluminum door & window frames. It is designed for maximum performance for joints between construction parts exposed to stresses, an extremely versatile multi-application acrylic joint sealant for applications of high requirements providing great adhesion on porous surfaces. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, cures quickly in contact with ambient air. It is resistant to weather conditions and UV rays. It does not hang during use and it can be painted after drying with common acrylic and plastic paints.


  • Ideal for sealing vertical & horizontal joints & wall cracks
  • Seals perimeter joints of aluminum window & door frame applications
  • Ideal for joints without large functional change in width (up to 8%)
  • Applies on materials, such as: concrete, plaster, asbestos, brickwork, cement, wood, aluminum plasterboard, ceramic tiles
  • Ideal for use on skirting boards, wood siding, chimneys, cable ducts, stairs, pipes
  • Use product with a special applicator gun on surfaces that are essentially clean to achieve proper adhesion
  • Not recommended for aquariums


  • Applies with Ease
  • Friendly / Neutral odor
  • Solvent free
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Matures quickly on contact with atmospheric air
  • Good filling ability
  • Hardens without cracking
  • Withstands weather conditions & aging
  • Can be prepped & coated

CODE: PR-1400

PACKING: 280ml