Neutral silicone for Marine grade & boat applications

BOAT & MARINESYL is a one-component silicone based sealant that matures with alcohol (neutral system) and is Meko-Free. It has excellent elasticity and durability, ideal for nautical and a variety of boat applications but can also be used for sealing in bathrooms and many other applications. With its special composition it provides protection against bacteria and mold, while preventing its reappearance. It is a versatile multi-application silicone, ideal for applications of high requirements, specially formulated for wet surfaces.


  • Waterproofing for all joints in sanitary environments that are exposed to moisture and have a permanent water load
  • Ideal for use on glazing applications
  • Ideal for use in the boat industry
  • Strong bonding in ship building applications
  • Ideal for sealing freezer rooms, air conditioning systems & containers
  • Ideal for aquarium construction
  • Use product with a special applicator gun on surfaces that are essentially clean to achieve proper adhesion


  • Permanently retains its elastic properties
  • Excellent absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Resistant to weather and ultraviolet rays (contains UV filter)
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Resistant to commercial household cleaners and disinfectants
  • Reduced pungent odor – Meko Free
  • Neutral curing: Free of acids and alkalis and therefore suitable for many alkaline and metal substrates
  • Adheres to many substrates such as ceramic tiles, enamel, sanitary acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, tin, glass and varnished wood
  • High mechanical strength
  • Chemically neutral (pH = 7)
  • Easy to apply

CODE: PR-1204, PR-1205

PACKING: WHITE 280ml, Crystal 280ml