Hybrid MS Polymer adhesive for Glass & Glazing applications

GLASS & GLAZEPOLYMER is a hybrid sealant and adhesive based on MS Polymer technology, ideal for bonding and sealing perimeter joints in glass frames but also for a wide range of glazing applications. With its special composition it provides protection from bacteria and mold, while preventing its reappearance. It is an extremely flexible multi-application product, ideal for sealing applications of high requirements, specially formulated for wet surfaces.


  • Bonds & seals perimeter joints of glass frames & glazing applications
  • Applies on surfaces such as: panels, wood siding, floorboards, ceramic tiles, bricks etc.
  • Seals absorbent materials such as: cork, natural & artificial stones and marble
  • Ideal for hard plastics, PVC & PS (polystyrene)
  • Ideal for mirrors, skirting boards, kitchen & work benches & decorative elements
  • Ideal for many applications in the construction industry
  • Strong bonding on vibrating and metal structures
  • Ideal for waterproofing sinks, showers, bathrooms & kitchens
  • Use product with a special applicator gun on surfaces that are essentially clean to achieve proper adhesion


  • Permanently retains its elastic properties
  • Excellent absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Fast hardening 3mm every 24 hours
  • High mechanical strength
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Free of isocyanates, solvents or silicone
  • Resistant to weather conditions & UV rays
  • It is also used under water
  • Very low emissions, with EC1 + certification
  • Friendly / neutral odor

CODE: PR-1110, PR-1111