Multi-Purpose Lubricant oil spray

PRO-40 is a powerful yet flexible Multi-Purpose Lubricant oil spray, suitable for the maintenance, lubrication and cleaning on many applications. PRO-40 provides unlimited functions in just this single product.


Protects against rust and corrosion, displaces moisture areas, improves conductive contact, lubricates friction points, preserves metal and inhibits corrosion. Helps prevent “sticking” to materials affected by humidity and special climatic conditions. Also its unique penetrating ability makes it ideal for lubrication and maintenance of materials at home and in the garden. Removes moisture and does not allow rust to appear. Protects and lubricates all household and industrial items. It is suitable in a variety of areas: such as screws, chain links, hinges, levers, springs, valves, hinges or padlocks, tools and even sports equipment etc. It applies for industries, workshops, households and hobbies. It can also quickly remove adhesives and paint.


  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Removes and prevents moisture in all ignition and start systems
  • It maintains the smooth operation of door hinges at home in the car
  • Protects electric motors by expelling moisture, especially on power tools
  • Maintains the conductivity of electrical circuits and provides smooth flow of current
  • It does not allow rust to reappear on exposed metals and protects tools from wear
  • Lubricates and loosens all locks and also prevents squeaking
  • Protects car chassis, especially for 4×4 vehicles that are tested in extreme conditions
  • Comes with special “Smart Straw” nozzle for spraying with ease on any specific point
  • Can also spray upside down in difficult to get areas.

CODE: PR-1500

PACKING: 400ml