Hybrid MS Polymer adhesive for Roof & Gutter system applications

ROOF & GUTTERBOND is a hybrid sealant adhesive based on Hybrid MS Polymer technology.  Highly suitable for all type of roof and rain water gutter applications, such as: Aluminum, copper, steel & plastic gutter systems, but also used on a wide range of applications. With its special composition it provides long-term protection against bacteria and mold while preventing its reappearance. It is an extremely versatile sealant, ideal for all high demand gutter applications, specially formulated for wet surfaces.


  • Applies on surfaces: metal, glass, aluminum, concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl, marble, granite, natural stone, hard plastics, PVC & PS (polystyrene), lead, zinc, copper
  • For waterproofing sinks, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Seals many roof applications, such as: valleys, eaves, flashing, awnings, side covers, chimneys, tops etc.
  • Bonds & seals all type of  rain water gutter applications
  • Sealing and welding applications in the construction industry
  • Strong bonding in vibrating metal structures
  • Ideal for all uses except PE and PP
  • Sealing of air conditioning systems
  • Use product with a special applicator gun on surfaces that are essentially clean to achieve proper adhesion


  • Permanently retains its elastic properties
  • Excellent absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Fast hardening 3mm every 24 hours
  • High mechanical strength
  • Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Free of isocyanates, solvents or silicone
  • Resistant to weather conditions & UV rays
  • It is also used under water
  • Adhesion even without primer
  • Very low emissions, with EC1 + certification
  • It can be painted and varnished
  • Friendly / neutral odor
  • Excellent behavior in seawater, aliphatic solvents, oils,fats and diluted organic acids.

CODE: PR-1001

PACKING: 290ml